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Talent Development

Talents are everywhere, however seldom can they be recognized. Sinocare cares about the recruitment and cultivation of talents, commits to provide a platform for every member to work happily and growth healthily. Based on competence model, we have established a complete set of talents development system, focusing on the comprehensive development of core competences, leadership and professional skills for everyone in Sioncare. Moreover, diversity training methods, like on-the-job training, classroom training, on-line training will be very helpful for your development.


Development Program

Sinocare always adhere to the concept of “Every Sioncare member is the leader”. From self-management to top management, we set up a development system that covers the whole development progress and every direction. The SDP project and MDP project apply to junior management and middle management, intend to improving the business leadership and team leadership of our members and help them grow into high quality management elites rapidly.

Professional Capacity
Development Program

According to different positions, Sinocare establish a professional competence development system of Research and Development, Manufacturing, Sales, Quality and so on, systematically helping members with special skills to become excellent experts.

Dual-Channel Career
Development Path

Sinocare provides “management + profession” dual channel career development system to realize both members’ personal goals and organizational goals:

On the aspect of management, members can develop to managerial talents by systematic study and personal growth;

On the aspect of profession, members can further develop their professional skills, and be technical experts, or develop cross-profession skills, and be versatile experts of all fields.